Monday, August 17, 2009

My Life in bullet Form

-yes, this is how I feel lately...bullet form.

-I am beginning to feel rather vertically challenged in my house now, someone did not send the memo that these children need to stop growing...NOW!

-Our food budget is about to drop by approx 39%.......hello frugality!

-We gave away our family dog yesterday. It was for the better, the poor thing was not being given the home she deserves. She is happy at her new home with a doting owner who just so happens to be a second year vet and enjoys a vast array of outdoor activities. It has taken us months to find her, but we were determined to find her the perfect home.

-we finally have grass, now we must dispense disgusting amounts of water on it so we don't need to replace squares. Pray this works out. Any advice one may have on maintaining sod would be greatly appreciated!

-Bill's dad is down visiting for a few days, that has been nice. Although I am sure it must resemble winter for him here.

-My grandma is in the hospital and is doing not so well, although stable.

-OH! It's mine and Bill's 13th wedding anniversary today!!! I can't believe 13 yrs!!!

Since it's time to start the evening routine around here, I'll leave you with this random bit of cuteness:

mariah: "Mommy, do you remember the one time at the old house when I was little"
me:"ummm, yes"
mariah:"and remember when I was on the toilet going to the bathroom"
me:"ummm, yes"(carefully treading this convo now)
mariah:"and remember I felled in and you had to plunge me out!!"
me:"PLUNGE you out?!?!?!"(laughing now!!!)
mariah:"yup, that was funny wadn't it Mommy!!"

Oh dear!!lol