Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Random Updates.......

We have been so incredibly busy this summer, it is so nice to have a vehicle that we all fit in!

We've been to the Zoo twice and since we had free passes and made our lunch, it was a free activity both times!
We have a trip planned to visit a historical village in the next couple of weeks as well as a Dinosaur museum and the Science museum.
This weekend we are going to a large farmers market and then out into the country for a picnic....I have to admit that is my most favourite thing to do. The Zoo and museums and other places are fun as well, but there is just something so peaceful being out in the open with grass and trees and just letting the kids run....LOVE IT!

We are finally getting our fence done and then next is the grass. Bummer though, no garden this year. At least I'll have plenty of time now to figure out and plan what I want to grow and where. I've figured out where the compost will be and where my rain barrel should go.

Breanna is growing like crazy and eats a broad range of foods. Her favourite thus far is hardboiled egg yolk with a bit of banana and chicken with carrots. She does not like goat yoghurt so I add small scoops in with other foods so she gets the nutrition from it. She rolls all over the place now and is working on her two bottom front teeth. I have no idea how much she weighs, since I haven't had her weighed since we left the hospital. I figure somewhere between 14 and 16lbs though. I put a halt on some of her pediatrician visits as everytime we went they wanted to send her for an ultrasound or an xray for hips because they kept coming back inclusive. So far she has had at least 6-7 Xrays on her abdominal region (most from her NICU stay) and she has had 3 ultrasounds.....unless there is a clear sign of hip problems, I'm done with that.

All the other kids are doing great! Growing like crazy!! I'm thinking that I will have to figure out a way to go into the Used Toy and Clothing sale this fall.....there is nothing like that out here and consignment is a joke as is the second hand stores. It will be an early morning that day, but so very worth it if the sales are good!! Let's hope and pray that there are good tables filled with clothes in the sizes I need!!! :o) Breanna is still in 3-6mos sizes, so she is definitely getting good wear out of clothes!!lol

Well, it appears my time is up!! Have a great Wednesday!!