Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Monday!!

Everyone have a good weekend? We did. We headed over to my health food store and I did a small stock up on herbs to have on hand. Herbs to boost and nourish the immune system. I still need to get a few more and then I should be well prepared should we get hit with any colds or flu's this year! I also need to get a couple more homeopathic treatments to have on hand as well.

Breanna is so VERY close to crawling!! She moves backwards pretty good, but still needs to master the forward motion. She also has a TOOTH now!!! It's her bottom front one and the one beside will pop out in the next day or two I am certain. I REALLY need to get my hands on an amber teething necklace now!! Matthew's bit the dust a while ago, but boy was I ever happy to have had that for him during teething, it was awesome!

We also did some more decorating for fall around the house, I still need to make some homemade potpourri once I pick up some cinnamon oil.

Um, what else??? Still waiting for the last bit of my homeschooling order...which reminds me I should email them on that and see how it's coming along.

No too much on the go this week. I may try to slip out for a coffee with my Mom tonight or tomorrow night. They were having a meeting regarding my Grandma this morning, so we'll see how that went. Thursday is a general meeting for my local Attachment Parenting group  I will be heading to with Kelly who is so graciously coming and picking me up, bless her heart!

This weekend is our Thanksgiving weekend!! WhooHoo!!! So later this week I will be busy baking bread, pies, buns and probably some muffins!! This week should be a good week for baking too, since tomorrow is supposed to turn cooler and I believe this weekend they are calling for up to 5cm of snow!! Yesterday it snowed off and on, but nothing stayed all that long on the ground. Won't be much longer before it does though!!!

Well, guess it's time to get off of here...I can smell a present wafting from Breanna!!It's a glamorous I tell you!!
I am going to try and get on here later and do menu plan monday over on my food's to hoping!!!!



Cherbear said...

Awwww, Auntie Cherie wants pics and videos!!!! :) Please!! :) lol. Um, I think it's only fair that since you are used to cold weather, you should be hospitable and take our colder weather too!!! :) Oh and please send some of that bread and such down this way?? :) I wish we were together for Thanksgiving. :)
Love you