Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In which they sneeze and whine..........

Well wouldn't you know it, we seem to have a virus floating through. It is thus far, remaining fairly mild. Just annoying, which in turn makes the children annoyed, which results in me being annoyed by the annoying whining!
So far we have Kayla and Mariah first on the list. Every few minutes I hear "Mommy, my throat hurts" or "Mommy my nose is stuffy" *sigh* Good thing I finished up my tinctures last night, now they can sit and do their thing for the next six weeks!

Other than that, not much else is new or interesting around here.

I have finished my TO DO list for Christmas gifts!! I can't wait to get started!! They are almost entirely handmade and will be made re-using/re-purposing items!! I would love to share the list on here, but I fear my dear sweet blogger, you would not hold the secret so well!!! First though, I need to complete costumes for the kids. I have two girls who are being butterflies and one who is being an Egyptian princess. The boys are still somewhat undecided, but I am sure it will revolve around something creepy!

Not much longer until I can take down all this Autumn/Halloweenish stuff and turn this place into a Christmas/winter wonderland!! Sunday Nov 1st is the day!! Although not the tree. That one waits until the first Sunday after Alex's birthday which this year is Nov 29th!!Whoohoo!!! Ummm, but I think we need to find a tree first...we donated ours last year because it was going to be too big for our new house. Soooo, now we need to figure out that one! We really like nice full-type ones, but it can't be more than 6' tall....the search will go on!!!(and the saving too!!!)

Some of my homeschool order should be arriving later this week, although quite a few things are on backorder so hopefully that won't take very long.

Well the dryer has rung to tell me the load is done!!(how thoughtful!lol) and I have a few loads awaiting me on my bed (it's an attempt to MAKE me actually fold the laundry, you see, I dump the baskets on my bed with the thought that I will HAVE to fold them before going to bed that night. Too many times though, I just toss the pile back into the basket!!!ROFL!!!) ...........



Rebekah said...

I'm the same way with my laundry. :) It's so much easier to just toss them into the basket! As for the tinctures, did you have to take a special class to learn how to do that? That has always sounded like a good idea to me. Could be because of my Native American heritage, wanting to live and heal from the land and all but I'd really like to learn how. :)