Friday, October 23, 2009

Well, it's FrIdAy!! WOOT!!!

It's hard to believe that on this day (not date) last year I was out with my mom and 1 day away from turning 32wks preggers with Breanna....who knew that I'd come home that night, crawl into bed and be awoken a bit later bleeding?!?!? I can't believe how quickly a year has passed by. I am in the process of writing a small essay reminiscing of that day and the time after, I will post when it's done.

This was a R E A L L Y long week here. We were hit with a very benign virus, more of the nuisance variety than anything. Snot, snot and more snot. Sneezes and sore throats. I am positive now that our usage of herbs and homeopathic remedies combined with a healthy diet is playing a huge role in how quickly the kids are able to fight off things. I am a true believer in it!!! Not only that a nice cold smoothie feels like heaven a scratchy sore throat....what better way to get some much needed fruits and veggies into their wee bodies!!!

I am tired, exhausted is a better choice of words I think. Matthew has been absolutely bitter today. I can't blame him though, his nose is still pretty stuffy and we all know how much that blows!(haha, humour me!!!)
I WAS going to have spent this past week making and finishing the children's Halloween costumes......*sigh* I suppose it's much more fun to cram it all into a few days before halloween, no?

Tomorrow is proving to be just as busy. We're heading to Costco, Superstore and my healthfood store. Then I have to bake Breanna's birthday cake (which I haven't even planned out yet, not to mention I haven't even written up my grocery list....thankgoodness I have a master list on hand!!!)...where was I?.....Oh yes, then while I am doing that and IF the weather co-operates, Bill is going to put up the outdoor Christmas lights!!!!
Hurray!!! You have no idea how happy I will be to take down all the halloween-ish stuff and replace it with jolly old St.Nicholas figurines and Mangers and lights.........ok, ok, let's get through the next week first!!

Well, Matthew has taken it upon himself to have a meltdown so I'll wrap things up on here with a few pics. Hopefully later I can get on again and post an update in the homeschool blog since I have a few things I want to put there!!