Tuesday, October 27, 2009

and so it begins..........

the H1N1 vaccine had become available in our neck of the woods as of yesterday. People have been lining up since 4:30am today to recieve their shot from one of the four vaccine clinics dispersed around our city. There will be 9 less people in those lines as we are refusing to go and be injected with their concoction. Our radio stations keep running ads. I don't really watch TV so I can't say if it's on there or not.
Once upon a time I would've been in those lines, feared into believing the quackery. Since that time I have read and researched and then read and researched more. I strongly, strongly urge you to do the same and come to your own conclusions. Do not let fear decide the health of your loved ones, educate yourself to make rational decisions.

As for me and my family, I will put my trust and faith into our immune systems designed by our heavenly Father and the foods and nutrients to nourish it. Plain and simple. Even if we do contract the flu (be it seasonal or H1N1) I will still trust natural herbs and good food to help our bodies fight it off.

Read before you get the shot. Plain and simple.



noelle said...

I am right there with you! But I think some of us have already had H1N1. If that's the case, we have ALL been exposed, so we have NATURAL antibodies. Imagine such a thing!

I posted a link on my FB page about flu vax in general. Very interesting!