Saturday, October 31, 2009

::m i s s i n g h e r::

If I close my eyes tight, will you come to my dreams?
Will you dance? Will you sing? Will you be alright?

If I close my eyes tight, I can see your bright smile, hear your sweet laugh and feel your gentle   s q u e e z e.
Though tears I may cry and sorrow my heart aches, I will see you again, make no   m i s t a k e.

The chapter is over before it began, your story in life, edited without our premission.
Taken too soon, so many things left undone.

In eternity you walk, in my dreams you talk.

If I close my eyes tight, just for  t o n i g h t.

Although the chapter left undone, the story left to go on........... it will. New beginings, new trials, new ups and new downs.
Just for tonight I will leave the book open, your chapter exposed.
Your  l i f e,
 a gift like the  r o s e.

::m i s s i n g  h e r::