Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just another day

It is beautiful outside today, a gentle breeze and bright sunshine. I am listening and watching the kids laugh and chase each other around the park enjoying every second of it.  Playing games, chasing games no doubt! Tag is always a big hit around here...who could tire of endless rounds of Frozen Tag?!?!?

I have an annoying headache and random body aches, so what better thing to do than sip on tea and blog!!

We officially are fully decorated for Christmas! A bit earlier than normal with reagrds to the tree, but it couldn't be helped this year.  My mom bought us one as our family christmas present this year! What a perfect Christmas present I think!!
Now the fun can begin with our Christmas gift making!! I am soooo excited to get going on that! I do still need to buy a few things to make or help make the gifts, but mostly everything is handmade this year!!

Well, I have a gaggle of children that are heading this way, most likely in search of a drink and snack and then possibly some handheld microscopes to search for creepy things living in our backyard or perhaps a pixie or two!!!
Here's some pics of the last week or so...notcie the abrupt change in holidays!!lol I take down and start decorating for Christmas early the morning of the 1st of November! Normally though, Bill leaves for work in the morning with a Fall theme surrounding his house and comes home to's pretty funny!!
Although the tree is a family affair, no one can miss that. I LOVE LOVE LOVE family traditions and can't get enough of them. They build such a sense of togetherness and unity in a family.

here's the promised pics:
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