Friday, February 5, 2010

Flashback Friday Fun!!

This dates back to ummmmmm, I'd say probably summerish/early fall of '88. This is my and my BFF Shandy whom I met wayyyyyy back in '81 in preschool!!!lol You may wonder what this is all about......when Shandy and I would eat dinner and one of us would finish first at my house we would oh-so-quietly whisper to the other person "hurry, hurry, hurry" and we would whisper it so low that sometimes just our mouths would move which would result in an outburst of giggles!!lol Unfortunately, my Father was a tad old fashioned and could not stand laughing or giggling at the dinner table ("laugh at the table, cry in bed" was one of his most used dinner quotes). We thought it was hilarious as my father would get more and more frustrated with us, until we could not stop laughing!!lol(why is it so gosh darn impossible to STOP laughing when you're a kid?!?!?! Even in the face of trouble!!lol)
Bring back a funny memory Shands???



Alicia said...

This made me LOL, because my father in-law was the same way when my husband was growing up! What is the deal with that??

And, oh my gosh, 1988 is when I first met my husband!!!

And there is nothing better than cracking up with your friends! You both are too cute!

Christopher And Tia said...

Oh how cute, you two.

The other day my neighbor and I had a hard to keep from laughing. We were sitting outside and the national anthem came on (we live on an Air Force base). We were supposed to stand up and put our hands over our hearts, our husbands were both in uniforms so they stood and saluted. Rather than standing, I called "I'm under the porch, I don't have to", which people say all the time to get out of doing it, but really I was just too tired to get up. My friend sat with me, and we continued talking, and her husband snapped "COULD YOU AT LEAST BE QUIET?!", and the snap was so unexpected, especially since he was guilty of talking through it a few times himself, that we both silent giggled until one of us made a sound, and then couldn't control our laughter. I felt like a kid again.

Kelly L said...

Very sweet - you I'm in my 40's and I was out with a group of girlfriends and something just struck us as funny and then everything became funny and could not stop laughing as tears are running down our faces... those are the best kinds of laughs - don't you think?
Love to you

Nen said...

my grandpop was old fashioned at the table... we were terrified to eat anything crunchy for fear he would hear us crunching! lol!
it's fun to have nice memories with your friends! i wonder if it upset your dad that someone had a camera at the table to take that pic!?

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

It's great when you get a laugh that you can't control! Love a good, hearty side splitting laugh! It does seem that kids are pretty good at those types and uncontrollable giggles!

What a wonderful photo and great memories :o)

Blessings & Aloha!