Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And the Dentist says...........

We went for a check up on Monday to the dentist. While I don't do well-baby checks or even yearly checkups (unless there is a concern) we do all go for pretty regular dental checkups. All of the children have awesome teeth. No cavities at all.(the dentist and hygenist were very impressed) Barely anything to really clean off. Now, here's a secret that I am sharing. It's just between you and I internet. I do not make my kids brush their teeth.  There, I said it. Oh sure, I tell them before bed to brush their teeth, but I certainly do not stand over and observe the process. I definitley do not have them floss. I attribute their oral health to their diets and abundance of fresh veggies. They all LOVE fresh veggies. Also, no fruit juice and processed foods make an impact as well. I don't believe cavities are all about the sugar, while I believe it's a significant contribution, it's not the only reason.

I do hope that their oral health will continue, I am certain it will if they continue with a healthy diet filled with wholesome nourishing foods.

I on the other hand am still reaping the effects of my past diet...ugh. Just a few more cavities to fill up in my lower jaw in May. A wisdom tooth to pull in the very near future and my new permanent partial plate soon as well. Then, I should finally be done with all my dental trauma and can hopefully take care of my remaining teeth. If only I could go back in time and smack that girl who drank so much soda and ate so much junk.....hind sight is, as they say 20/20.

On the table for the rest of the week grocery shopping this weekend. Valentine's Day treats and Daddy's birthday dinner this weekend too!!

Waiting patiently for spring, I NEED some trees and grass and to feel warm sun on my face.  I can't remember a time where I have wanted that season so badly. Normally I am the winter girl and content to have months of winter's beauty upon us. This year, the Ice princess needs to be on her merry way to let the fresh renewal of spring surround me. Her promise of growth and rejuvenation and life.
We have changed so much in the last year or so. Our eating, thinking and whole approach to life. I feel more changes are coming and I am excited. Excitied to see what the journey has to show and where this path will take us. Growth can only happen when we open ourselves up to it and allow it to take place, even if we are unsure of where it will take us.

Let the journey begin!!


noelle said...

I am the same way about my kids' teeth. And it has all been fine until my baby who has the healthiest diet yet. At the dentist a couple of weeks ago they asked if he took a bottle of juice or even a sippy cup to bed! NOPE! He just has really bad teeth. *sigh*

I am ready for spring too. GIve me some shorts, flip flops and some outside time. I'm officially over winter.