Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Thursday and oh, Happy MARCH!!!

Egads!!!! I can't believe how much my blogging has dropped off! My days have been so full, it's virtually impossible to get on here and blog anything!

Well, anyways "HELLO MARCH" Is it 'in like a lion and out like a lamb' or the other way around? Here so far it has been very mild. I have been able to have my windows open and let in the fresh air almost every day! Mind you, there are no bird sounds. Just the lovely sound of construction. ick!

Everyone is doing well and growing like crazy. Breanna has discovered walking along the furniture! It is so cute seeing her walk, she's so tiny!! She says quite a bit now, things like Mommy, Daddy, Sa-Sa (for alyssa), baby, all gone, uh-oh, and then a whole bunch of baby babble!!lol Which is very cute to listen to when she is upset!!ROFL She has also been trying to walk on her knees. This is really funny because Kayla did that for almost 3mos, and Mariah did it for about the same. None of the others did. Too funny! Breanna has also sprouted some teeth! She now has four on top and two on the bottom and is in the process of cutting two more on the bottom and I think she is working on some molars. She is not handling all that well and has had a fewnights where she has been up every hour all night. *YAWN*

In other news, Mariah has lost her very first tooth! Uh-huh, yeah, it was a little bit loose......and then she decided to bite one of Matthew's toy trucks door open! She came running to me covered in blood, and after I caught my breath and heard the story, we had to go search for a tooth!! We found it and the tooth fairy was able to make a visit. Then, just yesterday, Kayla comes running to me covered in blood screaming about HER teeth! Turns out she was holding a toy in her mouth and Mariah was pulling it and POP! Out came Kayla's two front teeth! One was very loose and the other was just wiggly, so it bled pretty good and her gums are a little bruised, but she is alright. *sigh* Thankfully Alyssa found the two teeth and the tooth fairy was able to drop by..........again.

The countdown is in full swing for our summer holidays......we are all very excited!!! The kids will get to experience something new while we are out there...A WEDDING!!! Bill's sister Cherie is getting married, so very exciting too!!


Rebekah Anne Castleberry said...

Hello, Penny!! I started another blog that's limited to my day-to-day homemaking ( ) and have a link to your blog on it. I just thought I'd stop by and see how you were doing. I've missed you! :)

Have a blessed day!!