Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ummm, so it's May now

Okay, so please accept my apologies for my lack of posting.  We have been so busy lately! It has been pretty beautiful here lately and even most of April. (well minus the snow storm the last week of April) We have been outside so much. Going for walks and just hanging out in the backyard when we can. I've also been super busy organizing my homeschool shelves and putting together some stuff for selling, as well as trimming out some of the activities we didn't use this year. Next comes planning 'next year', although we actually homeschool year-round because learning never stops!!

As for right now we are getting ready for summer holidays!! True holidays! I cannot wait to get on the highway and see family!
Although it's a major undertaking with this many people to pack for!lol I start good and early.
Need to make all kinds of stuff to take (sunscreen, deodorant, body scrubs, dehydrated crackers and granola bars. GF bread for Breanna and I and the gazillion other things we need)

Mariah's 6th birthday is coming up (can you believe I have been blogging for over 6years now!) I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. We are celebrating her birthday this weekend and it's a long weekend too!
Breanna is doing awesome! Both her and I are still on a GF/CF diet. I may try her with dairy close to her birthday and see what happens. I, myself, will not be going back to a diet with gluten even after Breanna is done nursing. I have never felt so amazing as I do right now. Compared to a couple of years ago, I do not take any medication for my Fibro AT ALL! Nothing, nada! I sleep better, I have more energy, it's incredible how much better one can feel when your body isn't bogged down with junk. Our diets as a family have completely changed as well and I notice a significant difference in everyone. I do yoga every night and it feels awesome!!!
Breanna still isn't walking totally yet. She is such a turkey! If no one is watching she will walk around the living room but as soon as she knows someone is looking, she drops to her knees and starts crawling!!lol
She says quite a bit and understands a ton! She loves to play outside and especially loves to play in the rocks at the playground!
Kayla is doing really good too! She just lost another tooth, so we keep teasing her that she looks like a jack-o-lantern!lol She is doing super awesome with her reading and writing and really enjoys hanging out with her big sister doing 'big kid' stuff since she is going to be 8 this fall!
Robbie is doing really good as well, he has been loving the fact that his brother has been handing down some much coveted Star Wars Lego! He builds things just from his head, it amazes me!I can see him being a Professional Lego builder (oh yes they do exist!! google Robin Sather) or an architect.
Alyssa is embarking on breaking into teenagedom, she is really geared up for babysitting coming up this fall. At least she can say she has a ton of experience!lol She has also been loving collecting Bratz dolls, she has over 50 now! (the baby sitting will help support that hobby)
Alex is doing good, enjoying time spent on world of has his sights set on becoming a Web/game graphic designer! He is now quite a bit taller than me, which is really helpful in the kitchen when I need something from the very top! It's pretty cool having a teenager so far, I love their ideas and being able to have almost adult conversations with him.
Matthew is growing like crazy! He has quite the personality and always makes us laugh with his antics (and sometimes frustrates me to no end with the same antics!!lol) He has an amazing smile and the best giggle! He has just learned that he can use his fingers to count and always comes up to me holding his fingers up asking me what number is it! He loves Toy Story 1 and 2 and especially loves Wall-E!
Bill is doing awesome! He's totally changed his eating and has been exercising as well. He's dropped almost 30lbs! He looks awesome and feels really good!

Well, there's a brief little catch up on the family! :o) Now I need to get snacks going and dinner on the go!