Friday, May 21, 2010

What does a 'real food' pantry look like?

Okay, so you hear all this good stuff about eating healthy, wholesome 'real food', but what does it look like?
Here is an awesome little video from Naturally Knocked Up. She takes us on a tour through her fridge/freezer and pantry. Her cupboards resemble pretty close to mine, lots of ingredients to make yummy things from scratch!

Did you notice what ISN'T in there? Did you see any frosted cereals? Or any boxed cereals for that matter! Did you see any processed boxed foods?
Making the switch is hard, I won't lie to you. We have done a complete full circle and it's been hard at times and other times it's been easy! Giving up the flavours that processed foods offer is hard, they taste sooo good. But, the truth is, it's not REAL flavour. It's sodium and artificial flavours, a chemical soup of preservatives and additives. Not to mention the sugar content. A good rule of thumb, if it's advertised on TV, STAY AWAY!!!
You can virtually make everything you can buy at the store, trust me! It does take some time for your body and taste buds to adjust to REAL FOOD flavour, but when it does, let me tell you, the processed stuff tastes AWFUL! I promise you.
We are just in the final stages of clearing out the last few things (ketchup, mayo and whole wheat crackers) we just limit the use, eventually we will either make our own or buy a different steps! We do on occasion buy organic mac n cheese(ANNIES) as a treat, but prefer the homemade version made with brown rice pasta.

We also use our pantry items in the bathroom too!!lol I use a coconut oil/arrowroot powder/baking soda/teatree oil deodorant. Baking soda/Apple cider vinegar, for shampoo/conditioner, EVOO/sea salt body scrub and olive oil soap for washing, olive oil and coconut oil mix for body lotion, and baking soda for toothpaste! For cleaning, baking soda/sea salt/vinegar is all we use (I did have some pink solution for awhile, which is awesome stuff, but we've run out now).  Laundry, we use a seventh generation type soap and fabric softener. I was happily using my cloth diapers until I discovered that my much loved front loading washer/dryer does not clean my diapers properly no matter how many times I strip them...grrrrrr...I have tried a gazillion different things and combinations and nothing has worked to get them from stopping to smell like ammonia every time she pees, it was so bad it was burning her!* So, as much as it breaks my heart, I am using 'sposies. ICK! I hate them! Hate, hate, hate them!!lol I do however try to use the most earth friendly ones I can, but still. I'm looking into maybe trying G-Diapers as an alternative. But I can't help it, I miss my hemp/wool combos.
Also, the one other area that I am about to change is my make-up. Right now, I use mascara, eyeliner and some blush/bronzer. All of them are your basic run-of-the-mill stuff......loaded with all kinds of garbage.....I know!::groan:: I try to only wear when I am going out instead of a daily basis. I'm hoping to slowly replace my brands with a more natural/eco friendly product, I'm just in the process of researching the best brand to fit my budget. Obviously I can replace my $5 Maybelline with a $45 natural brand!!lol I'll keep you posted on my quest! :o) And although I have completely let my natural hair color grow out completely (oh yes, I did! first time since I was 12!!) I do plan on adding some highlights after my haircut in a few weeks.
Lastly, minimal sunscreen. This is a touchy subject with some I have learned (okay, maybe not as touchy as not vaccinating my we do not use sunscreen UNLESS we are going to be in direct sunlight for a really long time or if my kids or myself already has a bit of pink. We use coconut oil for regular use! I am in the process of making my own combo with some other oils that have known low SPF levels. For the most part though, we are relying on a healthy tan to provide our SPF! Next on the list is bug spray, no DEET here. Citronella oil is pretty good alternative. We use a product called All Terrain Herbal Armour with really good results. I have also noticed though, that with our diet change, the pesky mosquitoes don't seem to have much taste for us anymore. Increasing Bananas in your diet also works good!



noelle said...

Good for you! I'm super picky about what goes into our bodies but haven't been as choosy about what is on our bodies. I do make our own laundry much cheaper, too.

I couldn't do no 'poo, but my husband does it. And I am not big on sunscreen either. At our CSA I realize that our farmer is just covered up...lightweight long sleeved shirt and long pants and a hat. hmmmm, something to be said for that.

I look forward to reading more about your kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Hey Penny!

Remember me? :) Just wondering what your kids' favorite snacks are. I was eating clean myself (kinda fell off the wagon a while ago) but my kids were not convinced!


A Mama in Seventh Heaven said...

ETA: That should read CAN'T not CAN replace my $5 mascara with a $45 one!!lol

@Noelle, it's a process isn't it? Baby steps is what I keep saying, just change what you can, when you can! :o)

@Kerri, silly girl!!lol Your body will love you if you get back on track! My kids love homemade granola bars, homemade granola, fruit/veggies, homemade crackers, homemade pudding, dried fruits(I make in my dehydrator) all kinds of muffins/quick breads (made by soaking brown rice) homemade applesauce, homemade cookies made with brown rice flour. It just takes time for their taste buds to adjust. We just didn't offer a choice when we started elimiating things. :o) we miss you guys!!!

Anonymous said...


We use a sunscreen called Heiko(you can actually get it in the Fortinos and Superstore now....some of the more natural based Shoppers sell it too). It is a physical sunscreen instead of a chemical based. We had a hard time finding a non-chemical sunscreen for a while, but it seems as though there is a market for it and of course we will all see more of this option out there!
Heikos' only main ingredient is Zinc in a base of natural oils and it just so happens that one repells mosquitos as well! Now it is around $30, but I have 5 children and try to cover up, stay out of the sun,..etc., instead of using sunscreen. If we're out for a day in the sun, then we use it and the tube lasts us the whole summer and then some. Because it is thick, one just needs to apply in small increments - works great and was rated #1 out of over 570 sunscreens for least toxic!

Take care,
Corrinne in Etobicoke Ontario ;-)