Saturday, November 26, 2011

This, a Little of That, and Then Some.........

My-oh-my!! Today is my oldest child's birthday! The boy who made me a Mama, 15 years ago! FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!! How on earth did time go by that fast? I mean, I was certain that those sleepless nights would never end. That he would be in our bed FOREVER, or in diapers forever for that matter! On this day, at this time, I was in my hospital bed snuggling this wonderful bundle (that each and every nurse tried to convince me to send to the nursery so I could 'sleep'..ugh) inhaling the intoxicating newborn smell and marvelling at how perfect all his little features were. Imagining what kind of child he would be, or what kind of young man he would grow into. Worrying if I would do everything right! Well, when I look up to my almost 6 foot tall son (I am only 5'1") and laugh or joke with him or have the many conversations about life that we have, I am very proud of the man he is becoming. Of course he will make mistakes and will have to learn things for himself, I am confident that we have planted deep running, firm roots.

In the mean time, we have also had yet another birthday! Matthew turned FIVE on the 15th!! My youngest man who was born almost exactly a decade after my oldest!lol Matthew is such a funny little guy, he constantly keeps me on my toes with all his quirks and witty humour. He is also extremely loving and is quite positive that I will be his wife when he is last night in a conversation he decided that he will find a wife that cooks good healthy foods and that she will have green eyes and blonde hair, that is very long! Haha!!!

I only ended up video taping Matthew's birthday and there are no really good pictures, so I have nothing for that. Bummer! But, I do have a picture of his cake!!

 Tomorrow we are having Alex's birthday dinner and cake. He chose a carrot cake with cinnamon spice frosting!

Okay, so we also have decorated for Christmas!!!! Whoohoo!! Here's some pics of that:

here's the before picture of the tree:
and after:

Right now we are dealing with the Flu at our house. Ugh, it started knocking out kids on Thursday morning starting with Matthew, then Breanna, then Kayla and Mariah on Friday morning. Friday night and today has been Robbie and Alyssa and I am beginning to feel some of the symptoms. Nasty body aches and fevers, stomach pain and a bit of nausea. A whopper headache and a sore throat with stomach pain thrown in for good measure. It sucks, but it is good for the immune system to get a workout every once in awhile. The good news is that everyone seems to be handling everything really well and the fevers have been doing their important job!

well, time to go clean up the rest of the draft folder! Halloween pics to be posted!

Blessed be!


Cherbear said...

Awesome pics!!!! :) Wish I could come and have tea and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with you all!!! xoxoxoxo