Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How Many More Sleeps????

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas is coming!! Wahoo!! WE have been busy with our various advent calenders and each morning is the 'how many more sleeps' announcement.
Last night we celebrated St.Nicholas day for something new. We have been reading about Keltelven Tradtions and have been having some fun with that. Starting on the 14th we will begin counting down the days to Yule/Winter Solstice, there are a lot of fun activities to do for each day, so we are looking forward to that. If you would like to read some more into that check out here: Ross County, really neat and fun stuff.

We are all well on the mend now. Some of the kids have a nagging cough left that seems to bug them the most at night (of course!). Now is the time for me to get things into full swing with baking and crafts and all that good stuff. This weekend is Bill's company Christmas party, it will be nice to get out and mingle with adults for a few hours. I am crossing my fingers for no side effects from the meal!

It's been really neat around here lately, it seems as though people have been much more into the Christmas spirit than last year. There were lights up all around beginning mid November and some people (besides even had their Christmas Trees up that early! Local radio stations even have regular Christmas music playing and have been since the last week of November (last year it was well into the first week of December) Yay!!! I love it when people play along and get into the spirit of things, however they see fit.

Here is something I came across on You tube and IT IS AWESOME, I had to share it!

How incredible is THAT?!?! This guy is going places and how awesome is that he is CANADIAN!!!
Love, love, love it!!

Blessed be!!