Thursday, December 15, 2011

*~*~NINE~*~* more sleeps!!!!!

Until Christmas Eve that is! We count down until Christmas Eve, because that is when the magic starts! From first thing in the morning until the next evening...yay!!

Today is Arts 'n' Craefts day if you are following the Keltelven Traditions, as I said earlier we are very loosely following along. I like the concept of slowing down and taking time to concentrate on the time of year and taking time to re-connect with nature and loved ones.
The one craft that I would love to get into is felting. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how adorable and simple the creations look. This is something I really want to look at getting into this new year. If you already are into it and have the supplies, here's a wonderfully adorable craft to check out and do to tie in with the season and today's tradition!

Needled Gnome Nativity by Em

This evening is grocery shopping, need to get some more supplies to finish up my baking. Actually, to BEGIN my I have not done a single thing regarding Christmas baking. That will change come this weekend! Here's the list. Everything will be Gluten Free and Dairy Free.
*Cinnamon Rings* (these are a staple for Christmas Morning!)
*Sugar Cookies*
*Shortbread Cookies*
*Candy Cane Fudge Brownies*
*Cinnamon Buns*
*Chocolate Chip Cookies*
*Pumpkin Pie*(for Christmas Day dinner)
*Apple Pie*( for Christmas day dinner)
*Yule Log*(for Christmas Eve dinner)
*Bits 'n' Bites* (the one time we allow
I will try very hard to post recipes and ingredients for the above. My goal this year was to make snacks that EVERYONE can enjoy. Of course there is an increase in sugar, but that is certainly allowed this time of year, I am just trying to use things like Maple Syrup and honey or cane as much as possible as well as Stevia. However, there will certainly be brown sugar and icing sugar in some

Also on Sunday it's Alyssa's 13th birthday!! She has chosen Candy Cane Brownies instead of a cake for her Birthday..I won't argue with THAT!!

Well, that's a quick update for now. I plan on adding some back posting to include Alex's birthday and we also had Bill's company Christmas party last weekend so I need to post a pic for that.

Merry Christmas!


Cherbear said...

Hey, you need to update!!! :) Pictures, info, Love you guys and miss you!!