Thursday, January 19, 2012

Well Hello!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year thus far. We certainly did, although we got hit AGAIN with another bug the first week of the new year. It hipped through everybody again, except for me. I attribute that to the fact I was practically eating an entire garlic bulb each day!!lol I also was taking Oil of Oregano in water, I think it worked!

I had an appointment with my family doctor last Friday, my first one in almost three years. It was actually pretty weird, I thought it would be awesome to share all the wonderful things I have done and discovered about myself, but she didn't seem to excited about it and actually shrugged off my gluten issues until I finished telling her all my symptoms and how incredibly better I am not consuming gluten AND that my sister had tested positive. However, in order to get a somewhat reliable test for antibodies, I have to be consuming gluten. I have thought about that for quite sometime now, and I finally decided I want to know. If anything for it to be on my medical record (if I am in fact Celiac) and to keep an eye on the kids since it's hereditary. So, since the 13th, I have been eating Gluten. YUCK! My body is a mess, I am right back where I was before Breanna was born and my stomach is actually worse. The leg pain is insane, I truly do not know how I dealt with this on a daily basis for over 5 years. I know one thing for sure, whether the result is positive or negative, I will NEVER eat gluten again. No matter what, my body does not like it at all.

Funny enough though, I have spent the last 3 years sometimes thinking about all the foods I miss eating or no longer can eat. This has definitely been an eye opener because a lot of the stuff is just gross to me. It tastes so bland and quite frankly like paper. I thought it might be nice to eat some breaded fish (ohhhh, a rebel, I know!!!!) and it was terrible. Pasta (I buy brown rice for myself typically and whole wheat for everyone else) was not nice at all. Brown bread tasted like toilet paper (or what I imagine TP would taste like

I am honestly looking forward to getting back to MY foods not only to heal, but to enjoy the taste of food again.
Tonight as a treat, Bill and I are getting some Chinese take-out, we NEVER get take out anymore so this is a double treat. I am hoping that it will taste as good as I remember!!

Sunday we are going to a dinner theatre, Bill won tickets through our local radio station awhile back, so I am looking forward to that. We figured that while I am doing this challenge we might as well do all our eating out!lol Except fast food, ick, gluten or no gluten there is no way I could stomach any of that.

We had a huge stretch of warm weather for a bit and it totally got my garden bug itching. I was flipping through my seed catalogs and deciding what to grow this year and all that good stuff. Then we just got hit with bitter, cold -32 degrees Celsius...brrrrrrrrr!!!

Blessed be!