Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where has January Gone?

Yes, I do realize that it now the last few days of January and I still have yet to post pictures dating as far back as the end of November. Is this where I can play the "I have seven children" card?!?!lol
*sigh* I will eventually get to it, if not for the sake of saving myself therapy bills from the children who did not get their birthday pictures posted on their Mama's blog! HA!

My brain is a complete pile of mush, now that may not be much of a surprise to some...har har....but in all reality it truly feels like it is. This is Brain Fog and is a symptom of Fibromyalgia and yes, Celiac. Brain Fog really bites, it is not fun being lost in a complete sentence or totally blanking out on someone's name or other information that you know.  Thank goodness this is temporary. Thank goodness that very soon I can make it all better!

The dinner theater we went to on Sunday night was positively awesome! We had so much fun. It was fully interactive and hilarious. We get to experience another dinner theater on Tuesday evening as well. Bill won tickets again to a different venue. It's a bit more formal and a little less interactive, but it is supposed to be just as wonderful. Exciting!

You may notice on the left hand side of my blog here that there is a button labeled 'A Year of Choice'. If you click on it and follow to the site it explains what it means. Yes, it is from last year, but I just came across it and I thought it was a fantastic idea for this year as well. (Well, every year for that matter) I think we as human beings have a choice for everything, even if it is just in how we react to a situation. I know life can toss us sticky, yucky messes but we can ALWAYS choose how we respond and react to them. I think if we all try to keep that in mind, we could all be better off emotionally. Keeping in mind that anger is a response to our needs not being met. This is one of my biggest goals for this year, to really focus on emotional well being. It's an interesting journey. There is sooooo much negativity filled in this world and I truly believe it creates a negative energy force that can engulf and encompass us if we allow it. So we can choose to focus on positivity and surround ourselves with positive energy which will in turn attract more positive energy. I firmly believe we manifest what we think, so as the saying goes 'Think Happy Thoughts'

My choice this week has been staying positive while Bill has had to work late almost all week. It really sucks when he isn't home for dinner (we eat dinner as a family EVERY night) and not until later on in the evening, so I decided to try out some new recipes for dinner (the kids are typically more adventurous with different tastes) and I also made some killer desserts (which we have saved for Daddy to enjoy when he gets home!!) So while it is crappy not having him here for dinner, I was able to focus that energy towards something else and make it positive! Yay!

Of course the biggest challenge has been staying focused on positivity while doing this Gluten Challenge...ugh.....but, it will answer some questions and be worth it in the end. The best part about it is I know what is causing all my discomfort and I know I will be better in a couple of weeks where as before, I had no clue what was wrong and if I would ever figure it out!

On that note, here's to sending you all positive energy!!
Blessed be!