Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I *heart* This!

Had to share this quick. I am so happy to see something like this hitting mainstream, it's about time!
Mayim talks about Parenting

How awesome is THAT! The only thing we didn't do was elimination communication. Main reason was that I didn't really know that much about it and in all honesty, I.am.a.chicken. Yup! There, I said it!
Of course, now it's too late as Breanna is coming up to 3 and half and is quite attached to her dipes still.*sigh*

While I realize that our style of parenting is not for everyone, I think it's quite alright for others to learn with an open mind. There is a lot of false ideas out there as to what truly entails AP (attachment parenting) it's NOT about never saying No, it's not about always having the child be right. It's about raising individuals who have respect for themselves and for other people and being responsible for their actions. It's about raising individuals who are safe and secure in their environment. So what if that means a 5yo still breastfeeds?!?! Who cares! Obviously that child needs the nourishment and connection. I have yet to ever see a Mama FORCE their child to breastfeed and when you think about it, it's impossible to force anyone to breastfeed as the whole act of breastfeeding requires the person to be an active participant.

The sheer idea that it's expensive to AP is complete hogwash, I can't even believe people suggest that. So it's more economical to buy a $500 strollers, and brand name clothes and special jumpers and bouncy seats and seats that vibrate (which by the way I had) As opposed to buying a wrap or a meitai and clothes at a thrift store?!?! I am confused.

Also, in this day and age where a lot of mama's have to employed outside the house, AP offers even much more to you and your child, including co-sleeping. I can't even begin with the whole it's dangerous to co-sleep...what?...WHAT?!?!!? Are you for real?!?!?! Of course, if you are under the influence of a substance (even tylenol) that can disrupt your natural sleep cycle , then yes, I would say not safe. But given a normal bed with cotton sheets (no silk or polyester junk) and no pillows for the babe, it is perfectly natural and normal to sleep with your children. No, they won't want to sleep with you when they are in college. Children naturally migrate out of the family bed when they are ready and that can be anywhere between 3-10 yo. 

This is not a fad, this is not just for hippies, this is not spoiling children. This is a natural way to parent and if most parents would just listen to their intuition and follow their guts with parenting, they would see that this style comes naturally.

Thank you Mayim for taking a stand and speaking out about natural parenting.

Oh and by the way, breastmilk is a wonder drug and can cure a load of stuff...including pink eye! (ask me, I know)