Thursday, March 15, 2012

Want to KNow More About Herbcraft????

Herbs are a wonderful supplement to anyone's lifestyle. They can heal, inspire, rejuvenate, energize, stimulate, calm, and cure! Not too bad for just a plant!!
Herbs are a HUGE part of our daily lives here. I use them for almost everything from foods to teas to salves, tinctures, compresses, and vinegars. There are so many different uses, it's quite possibly endless to be honest. Different herbs have different uses and can help different ailments, yet knowing what to use for which ailment can be tricky when you are just starting out. Heck, I am still learning so much about their powers myself.

My kitchen cupboard is filled with mason jars and all kinds of dried herbs. I have things from Mugwort to Scullcap and of course the more familiar ones like chamomile and rosemary. I would be lost without my herbs, they play that big of a part in our lives.

So, you want to learn more? Well head on over to Herb Mother Herbcraft E-course and sign yourself up for her mini course to learn some valuable tips and tricks!

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