Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Whipping up good things....and HAPPY SPRING EQUINOX!!

My skin is so extremely sensitive, so I have been using a combination of coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and grapeseed oil. It works pretty good, and is a good compliment to my coffee/sugar/sea salt body scrub I use three times a week. Then, I cam across this Whipped Coconut Oil WOWSA!
This has been awesome! I blended mine with some Rosemary and Tea Tree essential oils and I love it.

My next batch I really want to add some Orange and Sandlewood essential oil for a fresh, summer scent.

Yesterday and today I was out in the garden checking on my soil and trimming up a few of the dead heads. Added a small amount of mulch and next up will be some fertilizer. I think I will go with my compost as well as a coffee ground and kelp mix again. It seemed to do really well in my soil.

I placed my first order for some seeds and plants earlier this week, so they should be arriving soon!!
Then I get those babies into the peat pots and get 'em growing! I am also trying to think ahead and see about having a late fall/early winter garden with some kale and brussles.
We are also going to be building another small raised bed for the fruit bushes (strawberries and raspberries) I simply cannot wait to get things going!!

Busy next few days around here, dentist appointments and family coming to visit this weekend! Yay!!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Spring Equinox