Monday, August 20, 2012

What Do You Think?

After hours of painstaking agony, okay not THAT bad, but it sure felt like it!! I managed to get my blog all back in order!! Yay me!!! My awesome, wonderful, incredibly talented daughter helped me out too!

I'm not sure what had happened, but for some reason my blog background disappeared..GASP! I know right? I tried to upload and install all different kinds of backgrounds and templates from my favourite place (leelou blogs) to no avail. Not one of them would work, so I had to search out a new blog template.

It's a bit of a nightmare trying to install one (shush, it IS and don't argue with me!!!) but we figured it out, errrr, Alyssa mostly figured it out, but hey, who's counting?!?!lol

So alas, here is the new digs, I like it! It's not quite the Autumn theme I was hoping for, but it will do until I feel like ripping, tearing, enduring another template update. In fact, right about now, I would rather have a root canal done without any anesthetic!

On a more happy note, I have been having the most wonderful time with my neighbours!!! I have to say that I have the best neighbours anyone could ever ask for and I am very thankful for them!

Um, what else??? Hmph, OH! I pulled up a huge bunch of awesome carrots from the garden today as well as some radishes and beans!! I would have more tomatoes but a certain daughter continues to snitch them off the vines every chance she gets!!!

Well, my eyes are about done with staring at a computer screen and I can here some distant rumblings of a far off thunderstorm....probably the last few we will be getting around here this year! Some of the leaves on the Poplar trees already have some specks of yellow in them!!

Blessed be!!!