Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy VERY Be-Lated *~Lammas~*

Gosh! Wouldn't you know it, late Actually, we weren't even here for Lammas, we were away on holidays! We went to Kelowna for a week camping! UGH, the campground we stayed at was an absolute NIGHTMARE and I would never in a million years recommend it to anyone...BUT, that is another post all on it's own!

Then, when we came back, the next day Mariah ended up with some nasty stomach bug for a couple of days...ugh...then Matt got hit with some headache/fever illness that he just got over the other day. WHEW! Now, Bill and I are in the process of healing from this weird headache annoying.

All in all it was awesome to get to see family and friends out there, hopefully we can make it out that way again next year!! Although we plan on staying somewhere different, that's for sure!! Bill's step brother and his wife graciously offered us to 'camp' on thier property, so I think that is what we will do!! They are such awesome people, I am so happy for Bill's dad to have married Ellen and been blessed with wonderful family in the process. Nobody can ever replace Bill's mama, and EVERYONE knows that, BUT, having been blessed with Ellen and having someone special like her to enjoy this stage of life is truly amazing.

We also were able to make our way out to Penticton to visit other family out that way, Auntie Elaine and Uncle Mike! WOW! Let me tell you, these folks have it GOING ON! They have completed changed their lifestyles and diets and LEMME tell YA, it shows! They are extremely active, eat VERY healthy and have lost weight.  I am so proud of them and what they have done, it just shows that changing your diet and lifestyle has enormous effects on you...for the BETTER!

We went to a nearby lake and OH-MY-GOSH, it was amazing! Crystal clear water, silky smooth sand and gorgeous sunshine. It was a wonderful day. We headed back to their place for dinner and I swear, I have never seen my kids eat so much!! But, it was truly awesome. I cannot wait until we can see them again, it was such a refreshing and upbeat visit and I was sad to see it end when we left.

Now, I cannot believe it's already the middle of August!!! WOWSA, this summer has blown past!
My garden is coming along nicely, although my cucumber plant is is a sad state. Unfortunately, the person I left in charge of watering mis-judged the amounts of water needed and thought that some rainfall would suffice.....*sad face* and I came home to a dead cucumber plant, a dead strawberry plant and an almost dead pepper plant. So far, it appears that I may be able to save a very small portion of the cucumber plant, but no where near enough to harvest any cukes this year. The pepper plant seems to be doing okay, but the strawberry plant is long gone.

In the next few weeks I will harvest my carrots and radishes and hopefully some tomatoes (I have cherry and beefsteak) and some more Kale. Hopefully my Broccoli and Cauliflower will start to get better, as well as the Brussles. Hopefully my raspberries will really start to ripen as well!

In September I plan on going to the Harvest sale tp purchase the big stuff for canning! I plan on doing Tomato sauce, pickles, jam/jelly, peaches/pears, applesauce. Then I am also getting a pressure canner so I can can even more goodies like beans and meats!!
I am sooooo excited!!lol I feel like the only wife around who asks for appliances for No earrings or jewelry for this lady, uh-huh, I am over-the-moon thrilled with a pressure canner!! haha!! I am asking my mom for a juicer for my birthday/Christmas too, I cannot believe how much I miss my juicer (it died a few months ago) sad day indeed!

Also with the approaching Autumn season is SCHOOL!!! I have been in the process of setting up the programs and 'wishlisting' the books and curriculum the kids want. I LOVELOVELOVE this time of year for that. Actually, I just love books in general!!lol This year looks pretty exciting with everything the kids are interested in. So far, we have some Hunger Games novel studies, art stuff, The Lightning Thief, Animorphs, Smurfs, Witchy goodies, Baking, cooking, gardening, self reliance activities, weather goodies, science experiments galore, solar and lunar activities....the list goes on and on!

And yet MORE Autumn hustle and bustle...Bill is officially going to hunt this year!! WHOOHOO!!! He has been busy getting his bow all sited in and get some practice shooting going on. The older boys are actually getting in on it too, they love bow shooting! They won't actually hunt any animals this year, but they hopefully will join Bill on some hunts and get to see what it's all about. Next year, hopefully, will be MY turn!! I am so excited!! How awesome will it be in the future for Bill and I to go on romantic get-a-way weekends hunting!!! YESSSS!!!! I love it!!

Well, that about wraps up what has been going on in my neck of the woods so far this summer!!
I will probably get back into more blogging when it starts to cool off, right now, we try to get outside as much as possible and soak up as much sun as when can.....gotta build up the vitamin D stores for winter!! ;)

Here's some pics from our belated Lammas celebration. We had a wonderful time with a good BBQ (Celtic Salmon and baked beans, baked potaotes and tons of fresh veggies) roasting marshmallows and good company!!

Blessed be!!

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