Friday, June 3, 2005

Attack of the virus bugs.......AGAIN!!

Yes you read that right, we've been nailed with yet another virus. This one goes by the name of Strep. It's victim, Alex. I awoke this morning around 4:30 hearing him at the top of the stairs crying. I went to him and he said his tummy hurt real bad. I felt his forehead and he was burning up. Great. My first thought was that dreaded Rotavirus making a comeback, but then he said that his head hurt too. Hmmmmmmm. By about 8:30am, I knew what it was. Stomach pain (with no vomiting or diarrhea), headache, high fever, and then his voice started sounding like he had a wad of fuzz in the back of his throat...BINGO! Strep throat! So, I get him all cozied up on the chair and give him some flat gingerale and decided that I would get Bill to take him in when he gets home.. Fast forward, Bill gets home, I give him the rundown and the smart mouth he is, says "So Dr.Penny, what is it?!?!" Ha-ha, yes dear you are so funny!!!LOL I say, I would bet my left arm it's strep throat! Sure enough they come back, and Alex is on antibiotics!!LOL Yes, for strep throat!!LOL Why my sweetheart husband finds it necessary to question me, I'll never know!!LOL I think he finds it amusing. I just pray that it doesn't make a home here for the summer like it did last year, that was a nightmare!! Every 10 days someone was on antibiotics. Until finally that doctor listened to me and put us all on antibiotics, by then the summer was practically over, but hey, it worked!

Oh, I had a friend drop by today! Diana came over with her little guy. He just turned one on the 30th of April. He's such a cutie. We had a nice visit, it's been ages since we had talked.

Other interesting news that I forgot to post about in regards to homeschooling. When I was talking with Mrs.S, she told me about a new program they have especially for homeschooling kids enrolled in their program. Because of the inability to provide any curriculum for physical ed, and music, they offer each student $500.00 for the school year to be used towards extracurricular activities. This could be swimming lessons, music lessons, Zoo trips, Glenbow Museum trip, The Calgary Tower, Heritage Park , Calaway Park, and a few others I can't think of right now. I'm so thrilled, this means the kids can choose field trips and their admissions will be paid for (not ours though, or Robbie's because he won't be enrolled in the school), but still I'm still saving money!!

This baffles me. If I were to put them back in public it would cost me $630.00 for just the lunchroom fees. Then, both Alex and Alyssa's fees would be $60.00 ($120.00) and then Robbie's would be $65.00. Plus any field trips they would go on during the year, or special presentations/lunches/recesses, I would have to pay for.
BUT, with the homeschooling, I will be paying $160.00, that is it. That covers both Alex and Alyssa's curriculum, text books, workbooks and anything else I should need to support the curriculum. I have to supply the pencils/paper/scribblers/crayons, all that stuff (which I can hardly wait to go shopping for in August!!!LOL) PLUS, THEY give me funding to do outside activities with them?!?!?!?!LOL!!!
And we don't need to go into the positives with homeschooling vs public. So, now I am so VERY, VERY happy about the whole homeschooling situation. Praise the Lord I was able to present my case to Bill and he agreed it WAS the better way to go. (thank you Lord for helping me change his heart!!!)

Not much on the schedule for the weekend. I have a nice big shelving unit (thankyou Shellie!!!) that I am going to get Bill to move for me. It's going to be in the 'formal' dining area (whatever that is!!LOL) just off the living room, and it's going to hold all our homeschooling stuff. I was going to set up the downstairs as the homeschooling area, but decided, upstairs was the better idea. Especially with the littles and keeping an eye on them. So hopefully he won't procrastinate about it and I can start organizing it somewhat. Then I just plan on doing some cleaning here and there, catch up on a few lone laundry piles. Perhaps we'll tackle the big kids rooms, they appear to be in dire need of an adult-led/guided cleaning!!LOL

But, I'm off. I would like to get a few more things done on the OAMC pamphlet, it's almost done ladies!!! Hopefully I can get it out Sunday night, if not Monday at the latest. (barring nothing unforeseen!!LOL)

Have a great night, and snuggle your hubby's!!
God Bless!


Sylvia said...

Praying and thinking of you and yours! Take care! (((HUGS)))