Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy Wednesday!!!

It's almost the weekend!!!LOL

Just wanted to drop in here and say that I posted the 37wk belly pic in the top!!
I also wanted to share these other two I I think they make my belly look ginormous, then again, maybe it IS!!!!LOL
At any rate, I am starting to feel like a Yeti with it's feet on backwards!!
Have a good giggle!!!

37wkbelly 005

And, of course EVERYONE has to have one of THESE!!!

37wkbelly 004

Yes, I know, I am obsessed with my belly. But you never know, this could be the last time and I want to have lot's of memories!!!

Have a blessed day!!


Misty said...

I love your belly pictures. It is so cute...

Multi-tasking Mom said...

That's a gorgeous belly! Enjoy it for as many days as you can! I really want to do a belly cast still, I hope I have a chance!

Sandra said...

Awwe! How sweet! I can't believe you're down to just days now! I am sooo excited for you guys! I know the kiddos can't wait to see baby Matthew! I'll be praying for a safe and speedy delivery for you!

blessedmama said...

what a beautiful belly!!! :D
hugs and prayers!!!