Monday, April 27, 2009

Fly me Away...................................

We had an awesome weekend! Our flight on Saturday was amazing and such a cool experience. I thought for sure since I am terrified of heights, that I would hate flying....I LOVED it! It was such a thrill when the pilot would turn and the plane would tip to one side and our tummies would feel alive and full of butterflies!
Here's our plane and the fabulous pilot we had:

aerospace museum 006
*Pilot Tom in the background*

aerospace museum 009
*Out our Window*

aerospace museum 012
*so cool!!*

Then we had a guided tour of the museum and learned some pretty neat stuff about aerotechnology (hmmm, is that a word?!?!) Here's some pics too:
aerospace museum 032
aerospace museum 073
*Houston, we have a SERIOUS kids have taken over!!!!*

aerospace museum 077
*Alex in space*

aerospace museum 080

aerospace museum 081
*Job well done!*

aerospace museum 085
*this could be handy around here after a Chili dinner*

aerospace museum 044
*good we thing we got better with technology....well, with some things anyways!*

It was a really fun time. Both Breanna and Matthew did fine with their ears and stuff. Breanna seemed a little bit uncomfortable during the pressurizing of the cabin, but then was fine.

I will try to get menu monday up here soon!!