Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Friday! *incase you didn't know!!!

I'm drawing a blank for Frugal Friday......*crickets chirping*
I have an idea that I want to share, but it seems to fall more in line for a Works for me Wednesday feature that just happens to be Frugal!

I had so many goals for this Friday and sadly I haven't accomplished much. Alyssa is feeling a bit better, but Matthew is still a very grumpy guy....which in turn causes the rest of the house to feel the pain. I still don't know whether I should take him and Breanna up for the plane ride. Bill thinks I am over reacting, but I'm sure it can't feel to good to be up in a plane (not at the same altitude as a jet, think just enough to view the city a weather helicopter) when you have a stuffy head...especially if you're a toddler or a baby. Anyone any ideas??? I have never even set foot in an airplane in my life, so I am clueless. I would absolutely feel like the worst parent if we took off and they started crying in pain or discomfort. Breanna I would be able to nurse, but what about Matthew? Get him to drink? Chew gum?

In my plight to save money and make grocery shopping easier in general, we decided we're going to give shopping once a week a try. I've always just gone every two weeks and it hasn't been too bad, but I'm finding that at this stage in the game (the last days before the next trip) that we have produce going bad and running really low on things. So, I am hoping that by going once a week I can accomplish a few things
*spend less time in the grocery store
*saving money since I'll be able to catch two extra sales per month
*have fresher food, mainly produce
*not have to over cram my fridge and make it work so hard!!lol
So we shall see!

Well I suppose I've dilly daddled enough and really should get going on the dough for pizza....and laundry......and cleaning in general............