Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Be-lated Earth Day and other chatter...

It's been hectic.....again. I am left wondering if this is a new bug or the original one? We have yet to have a stretch of days where we are all not sick since we moved. Now Alyssa has an ear infection, Matthew is absolutely miserable with his stuff/runny nose, the others all see to have various random symptoms that are inflicting them, including Breanna. Although, I do have to point out that even though they have been sick forever the last 6-7weeks, they do seem to get over the illness a bit more quickly than before. Not only that, it's good for their immune systems to get a workout. I'm just speaking from a very whiny tired mama standpoint.

I received a call on Tuesday from the radiology dept to 'remind' me of Breanna's ultrasound appt scheduled for the following afternoon. Ummmm, she has an appointment??? Turns out the pediatricians office 'forgot' to call and notify me of the appointment! Grrrrr, that place annoys me sometimes. I ask that if we could change it so we could better plan for it. No, of course not, they're now booking into AUGUST. *sigh* This ultrasound was for the lump READ HERE in her armpit, so not something I really want to wait on.
Of course, yesterday our city decides that JUST BEFORE WE LEAVE is a fabulous time to, oh I dunno....HAVE A SNOWSTORM!!!!lol

Breanna did really good...well I think she did....she screamed her head off during the procedure! I don't blame her! She does not like to be held against her will (who does? Nevermind!) but she really freaks out when her arms are being held (I truly believe this stems back to her NICU experience) she was crying like I have only ever heard maybe once (I think when a doll was dropped beside her, there is still controversy over whether or not the doll actually hit her or not). I hate that as a mama, at least I was able to hold her during it all (and the distinct buzzing sound in my left ear was a reminder) and offer her some bit of comfort.
Now I wait for the results. I believe everything is fine, once I read more about Lipomas and their characteristics, it all seems to fit. So we shall see.

I had to change up last nights dinner due to the change of plans (and grumpy sick kids) so I will post an update in the FOOD BLOG.

Well time to get breakfast on the go....french toast is on the menu!! We had blueberry pancakes yesterday and they were sooooo yummy!!