Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mommy my ear/throat/tummy huuuuuuurrrrrrrrrtttttt-ah

Yes, this has been the spoken language of the house, yet again. I don't understand why every sentence requires an 'ah' at the end though. For example, "Mommy, her is bugging me-ah" or "stop doing that-ah" or even better "Mommy-ah, I'm hungry-ah, when are you making supper-ah?!?!" With an illness floating through the house, this new lingo becomes much more prevalent. *sigh* Hopefully this little bug makes it's way through the house quickly, we are supposed to be going on a fun little family excursion on Saturday where we will be going on a small plane trip around our city. However, with all this sinus/ear stuff, I'm not so sure I want to be taking the kids up in a plane.

We had a good weekend though, Alyssa and I got our haircut and are both really happy with the results. We went to Bass Pro Shops oh-my-word!! That place is awesome!! We just had one built near our city and with Bill getting back into hunting/fishing, we thought we should check it out. Well, now the boys want to get in on hunting/fishing!!Whoohoo!! I think they will all have an awesome time with that.


We've taken on a challenge this week and so far, it's going really well. No cereal for the week. The kids are really on-board with it (I think the rat study was the turning point) and, well, Bill is not-so-much. We've also decided that the portions of the grocery budget that would normally go towards Instant Oatmeal and cereal, will now go towards breakfast things like more eggs and bacon stuff. (amazingly that will allow for almost $60 every two weeks in that area alone!!) However, the produce bill is steadily rising (right now it's $150-$160 every two weeks and $100-$110 for frozen). I'm thinking I am going to start a list on a sidebar of my goals (food/budget/eco-friendly/sewing projects etc) that I can cross off as I accomplish them. For me, if I see it writing or print, I see it as something that I MUST accomplish. I am totally a type of person that HAS to complete things....which can be a difficult task when you have ADHD (or Hyperactivity disorder as I was diagnosed back in the day!) I wander from project to project and then grump at myself when I go back to a room and see that it is not complete because I went into another room and got distracted. At the same time, it is a huge blessing because I love to multi-task...which is kinda a prerequisite to having a large family!!lol

Hmmm, where was I?!?!? Oh yeah, so we have been working hard on seeing what things we can eliminate from the budget to make funds available for much more health conscious choices without having to actually ADD finds to the budget (I already cringe at what it is now and we haven't even entered teenagedom yet!!)

Onto a completely different subject....lol...Robbie LOVES Lego (actually all my children do and I mean LOVE it) their most favourite thing to do is come up with their own designs and build them. Well, they came up with a dog....and this dog also eats and ummmm...poops.
Too funny!! They crack me up!!

Well, I'm off to do up Menu Plan Monday (hehe!! ETA:When I first checked this over, I realaized I forgot to add a 'U' at the end of 'MENU' making it Men Plan Monday!!Bwhahahahah....yeah, don't think so!!!lol) over on the Food blog (that I will of course be changing the date on because Mondays are typically the day I clean try to clean the house!