Friday, April 17, 2009


As I've said a million times before, we are trying desperately to change our ways, including our diets. I've decided that rather than pulling a *cold turkey* approach, we would gradually eliminate things. (well, for me it was cold turkey!!lol)
This hasn't been too bad so far, it kind of weird because your body almost goes through a withdrawal period....that can't be a good thing.
It angers me to the core that advertisements tell us that cereal is a part of a complete breakfast. Complete of what? Fortified with vitamins that your body cannot digest and utilize properly or other chemicals to make it palatable and desired for human consumption. Or how about yogurt commercials loaded with all this prebiotic and probiotic chatter....uh, hello!! Yogurt has ALWAYS been made with the *good* bacteria to help sustain a healthy digestive tract. There is nothing new about that nugget of info, yet companies are capitalizing on it. Cereal has to a big one that drives me crazy though, probably because marketing is typically aimed at children. Disgusting. My good friend Amy over at ~Muddy Boots~ wrote an excellent post all about cereal. Go and check it out HERE, I'll wait.

So, what did you think? Are you a little disgusted? In all honesty it makes me want to go an a rampage and toss EVERY.SINGLE.ITEM in my pantry that is processed. I am so fed up with that junk being available. (and at myself for buying it!)

An excellent book, and I mean EXCELLENT book is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. It challenges our current "Diet Dictocrates" recommendations and explains why they are false. It takes us back to our roots and to a previous generation of eating...a generation that despite lack of sanitation and immunizations(now that we have gone overboard with those) were healthier and wise beyond their years. Sally is thorough in how she presents this knowledge and even supplies us with recipes. This book has been in valuable since I purchased it last year and I read it almost daily.
Even Vegans and Raw Foodists can take some info from here, there is something for everyone.

I also STRONGLY encourage you to read what is HERE
Ewwww! How many commercials have you seen that actually PROMOTE these foods?!?!? Do you see how twisted the *experts* are?!?!?

So, honey...if you happen to be reading this, don't be mad at me if there is no longer cereal in the's for everyone's well being!!

Next on my list to purchase is Kombucha....that ought to be quite the conversational piece sitting in the fridge!!lol Batter soaking on the counter for bread and muffins, seeds sprouting beside, grains and beans soaking, teas steeping and now this in the fridge!!lol

This weekend we are planning on heading out to a massive hunting store!!!!WHOOHOO!!! Bill is going to get back into it, I'm soooooo excited!! Of course we will have to budget and save up for his equipment again, but it is so worth it. I'm also hoping he'll do some fishing this year too. Yummy!!

Also on the agenda is haircuts tomorrow for Alyssa and I! I still don't know exactly what I am going to do...I just know I am fed up with it in it's current state!

Have a wonderful weekend and do me a favor: make one or two meals this weekend, from scratch, using wholesome ingredients. Your family or friends will thankyou for it!
God bless!