Friday, May 22, 2009

~Happy Birthday~


Miss Mariah is FIVE years old today!!

She was such a super quiet baby, rarely ever made a noise and was a super tiny baby too. She was my tiniest baby before Breanna, weighing in at 6lbs 9ozs.

She was my first *induced* baby since Kayla had been so fast I was seduced into believing that a 'controlled' labour and delivery was much safer. *sigh* Praise the Lord, she was born at 10:50am with no complications and was happily nursing an hour later.


She has stayed tiny pretty much her entire life thus's hard to believe she was THIS tiny though


She was also my very first spring baby and I spent a lot of the time freaking out trying to figure out is she was getting cold or too hot!! Never the less, we still ventured out to enjoy the sunshine.

*oh-my, look how little they all are!! Remember this Kerri???*

This is how you looked 98.9% of the time:
intently watching the world around you and of course being entertained by your older siblings and absorbing like a sponge all their crazy antics!

*one year later at the lake*

Your toddler years were interesting as you were no longer the quiet tiny weenie baby, you became an extremely talkative-get-into-everything toddler! You got into everything!!! You loved making a mess and squishing things between your fingers. The gooier the better in your mind!!
*there are many, many pics like this...I only had a select few on my photobucket*

Now you have blossomed into an inquisitive, beautiful little girl! You are still a chatter box and love to tell stories. You are extremely honest, and do not hesitate to tell the truth to anyone, anywhere, anytime. We are still working on your developing some tact and consideration with your assertiveness.
You are very caring and love to be in charge. You are creative and love to get dirty and seek out activities to facilitate that desire. You are also a wonderful helper and are the first one to do a helpful chore without being asked, simply to help me out.

Happy fifth birthday sweetie, and I promise not to let anyone else "annoy you in the head with singing Happy Birthday"