Sunday, July 19, 2009

~Happy Birthday Robbie~

*I will add pics soon*

I cannot believe Robbie is 9 years old!!! The last year of single digits!!

Robbie was born at 2:36pm(Matthew was 2:36AM) about an hour or so after they broke my water. He was my most jaundiced baby, but never had to undergo any light therapy. He was also my first summer baby! It was no hot that year!! His due date was always undecided and changed with almost every ultrasound...the last date they gave me was July 31st. He was born on July 19th and weighed 7lbs 7ozs(same weight as Alyssa). He took to breastfeeding immediately with no issues and was a fairly easy baby all around. As long as he had his food and sleep, that is!!!

Unfortunately due to some extremely unintelligent misinformation relayed between a dentist and a public health nurse, our breastfeeding relationship came to an end MUCH to early. (if only, I knew then what I know now.....hind sight is 20/20) Of course, I was still pretty much on board with 'health dictorates' and accepting their recommendation as a be all in information.

Robbie was an easy toddler in the sense of knowing what he wanted/needed. When he was tired, he fell asleep. Didn't matter where we were or what we were doing!!lol He ate very well and loved to try new things. He had absolutely no desire to potty train or give up his bottle, so he had both until about a month before Mariah was born. He didn't like to get his hands 'mucky' so rarely got into things that would result in that scenario. He did however, LOVE to draw and still does to this day.

He is our resident problem solver and can see a mess of objects and be able to put them together in a snap. He is a mastermind at puzzles and math problems and learnt adding and subtracting in a day. He loves to create things with his insane, copious amount of Lego and K'Nex. His drawings are incredible and beautiful. He is the first to never have stepped foot in a traditional school.

He is an avid Star Wars fan and that required a DarthVader birthday cake and party favors!!

He is extremely kind hearted and once told me "I am going to tell my wife that I love her and she is beautiful every single day" Yup, that is my guy!

He is special and unique and I admire his talents and only hope that he will continue to flourish and grow as he grows!!

Happy Birthday Big guy!!