Friday, May 8, 2009

In other news.........

So yesterday was a long day. Mostly filled with a few grumpy children. Both Matthew and Kayla were having issues with their ears. Matthew has been having issues for quite some time, but it's hard to tell whether it's just a phase or if he was feeling yucky.

I decided that it was probably time to get them checked out. So we head over to one of the clinics around here (which we HATE). The waiting room SUCKS and the receptionist obviously has no clue how to judge time. I asked when we had signed in about how long she thought it might take before our turn (since I certainly didn't want to be waiting in there and I wanted to tell Bill since he was in the van with the others) she says about 1/2 an hour, it should be quick. I always add about 15mins to their time anyways, so that made it 45mins. One hour and a half later, we get called. No one knew was in there waiting and the receptionist had mysteriously vanished. Thankfully our doctor was pretty good and said that Kayla definitely has an ear infection, full blown. Antibiotics for her. Matthew on the other hand was just slightly pink and inflamed, so either it's clearing up or he's coming down with it. Thankfully, he didn't prescribe anything. So we will treat that with lot's of fluids (room temperature) and vitamins and silver. Warm compresses as well, if he can sit with it long enough!!lol Finally, 2 and half hours later we made it home.

I did however, find this awesome little store there that has all kinds of natural foods and supplements as well as accupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I spent a bit of time chatting with the lady (while Matthew re-arranged her Lara Bar display) it is always so refreshing to talk with someone who is in the same mind frame when it comes to health and wellness. She reminded me that should Kayla need antibiotics, that I need to make sure I replace her intestinal flora with prebiotics and probiotics. I knew that already, but it's so good to see it being reiterated since it is extremely important.

Grocery shopping tomorrow. No money saving coupons this week...bummer. Thankfully though, I have my two $25 gift cards to use.
There are some good ideas and info at Grocery Cart Challenge Blog she manages to feed a family of six with $60 per week! There is no way I could pull that off and still eat decent foods. I do not use coupons anymore (except some of the store coupons) because 95% of them are for processed foods or chemical stuff, which we avoid. Right now my budget feeds a family of 8 (we're a family of 9, but I didn't calculate Breanna since she doesn't actually consume foods yet) at around $8.00 per day, per person. Three of my kids eat adult sized meals and I also feed two extra kids 5 days a week since I still look after my friends two little girls (which I didn't calculate in (my brain is not in a mathematical mood this morning) so it's a bit smaller than that amount. Unless we were to experience financial hardship again, I will never go back to el cheapo foods just to save money. I am so grateful to the Lord that I am able to put healthy, nutritious foods on my table. So very grateful!
I will be much happier when I can eliminate some other foods from our budget, but for now it's baby steps! So far having eliminated cereal and swapped it for more eggs and flour to make good wholesome breakfasts, has been wonderful and has everyone very happy. They did have a bowl cereal for a snack earlier this week and I don't mind if they do that, since moderation is the key and I believe that their palates and stomachs will ultimately guide them in the long run. I have found (and have heard many others say the same) that I actually crave healthier food choices now and the thought of something laced with junk actually makes me a bit nauseous.
I hope the same for them!!!

Here's to health and nourishing foods!!!