Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Overheard recently around here...........

How do I find my own daddy?(this is what she was calling a husband)
well, there are different ways (here is where I was going to explain how God will choose....
do I go to everyones door and ring them bell and ask then if them want to come and live at my house with me?
uh. no. not exactly
do I just ask all of them who will be my daddy?
um, no.
oh, so how will I find em'?
One day it will happen. God already has him chosen for you and knows who he is. He will show him to you when it's time.
oh thats good, cause my feet would be sore looking for for him.


So precious!!

Mother's day was nice at our house. No special treatment, but that's okay. I have a sweet collection of handprints that will keep time frozen for me, what more could any Mama want? The girls made me some beautiful cards and Alyssa kindly thanked me for being the best mom for her 10 11 yrs. *giggle*

So far I've accomplished 2 weeks of this weekly shopping experiment and I really like it! I was slightly under budget (but I also tucked away $60 towards holiday budget...trying desperately hard to save up for that!!!) I also managed to save close to $70, so that was nice. I really love having fresh produce in the house the most, usually by this time it was getting to be slim pickings!!lol
This Saturday will start a fresh new two week cycle, so we'll see how I do this time.
I am wanting to go to the Health food store and my regular grocery store this weekend, so hopefully I make that work into the schedule. There are a few things I really need to get there.

and lastly in my jumbled up post...I am trying to decide on what to do about diapering Breanna on holidays. We have a 9 hour drive (not that I am leaving her in a diaper THAT long, just an idea on how long it is). I REALLY do not want to use cloth the duration of the trip and I am wondering about using either
THESE or possibly THESE ONES. I'm sure glad that Matthew is completely toilet trained (have I mentioned how unbelievably easy he was?!?!lol) so I only have one to worry about with diapering. The G diapers look like a really cool option and a little less bulky to lug around (even after it's used and we're not near a toilet) but I wonder how well they work and what the leakage factor is? Anyone use them before? The less garbage and waste, the better is my opinion, but I have no idea how WELL they work!

Well, that's about it!