Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Friday!! The sun is shining!! It's Friday!!!


I have all my windows open, the kids are outside...FINALLY!!!! No birds though. Bummer.

I have spent the day thus far in my kitchen! I have my Amy's Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Soup simmering away. I have two loaves of bread rising and pizza dough doing the same! I am going to attempt to make a loaf of WF/CF for myself, yet again. If not, I am going to the health food store this weekend!!lol
I need to get some Coconut water and some rice and pasta for me as well as some wheat grass and some stone ground flour. Last night's grocery trip went fairly well. Oddly enough I wasn't any quicker!!lol I am soooooo excited that my grocery store carries antibiotic free and hormone free chicken and beef!! It's about time! So I bought a chicken and some steaks to make into dinners this upcoming week!

Not much on the go this weekend, laundry and maybe some spring!!

Have an awesome weekend!!


Renee said...

thanks for the link to Amy's blog..the soup is delish!! :)