Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Fresh!

Even though we are well into Spring, it's finally feeling like it here!
It's about time too!

We have bobcats in our yard, getting things ready for fencing and sodding!!WHOOHOO!!! You have no idea how nice it will be to have those!Then I'll be able to get my gardening all planned out and hopefully be able to make room for a composter and rain barrel.

We had a good weekend. Saturday I went to a new health food store, oh-my-stars, it's even better than the one I went to the other week!!lol I love...LOVE....LOVE that store! I have to figure out a way to get there at least a couple of times a month since it's quite a drive from here.
I totally wish I could do all of my shopping there, if only they had larger sizes of things. This is week two of no cereal for breakfast and I can't tell you how awesome it has been! I used the money I would normally spend on cereal and instant oatmeal and put that towards baking needs for muffins and breads as well as bacon and extra eggs.YUMMO!!!

I've also discovered that my kids LOVE Wheat Grass!!!lol I have just thrown some in with their smoothies, but I wonder if it's better to actually juice it and then use the juice?!?! Anyone know? they also just grab handfuls of it and eat it like that!!lol

I was able to get Goat's Milk, butter, cheese, yogurt and unfortunately not raw or unpasteurized milk. but at least it's not homogenized! It's taking some getting used to, since Goat's milk has a different taste to it. However, I'm getting used to it. Matthew LOVES the milk!! The butter really has no flavour, and the yogurt is so yummy. The cheese has the strongest flavour I find, but at least it melts!!lol

Hmmm, I've been interrupted so many times since attempting this, I have no idea where my thought process was going!!lol So, I'll sign off and go do my menu plan monday on the