Thursday, May 14, 2009

There are Days like This

Yes, there are!
These are the days when I wonder if it is truly going to happen, my brains have melted and are soon going to begin oozing from my ears. It's true ya know, it CAN happen!

The children are whiny and have found great enjoyment in tormenting me each other. As the day has progressed I am no longer nicely "asking" the children to please stop doing 'fill-in-the-blank' , I have now evolved into begging for the love of all mighty STOP!!!

"PLEASE stop telling your sister she smells"
"PLEASE stop hiding your sisters dolls or tying them up and hanging them from the roof or curtain rods"
"PLEASE stop telling your sister that she will in fact permanently smell like a fart should you do so while sitting beside her"

"For the love of all things holy, STOP hiding at the bottom of the stairs and scaring the daylights out of poor unsuspecting people who are making their way down the stairs"
For your information your mother no longer falls into this category as you have all shattered every fragment of nerves I have or have ever been in possession of.

"No you may not drink the science experiment water"
"No you may not create a science experiment involving your sister or her belongings"
"Put your pants back on and stop licking the table"
"Your brother IS NOT a science experiment gone wrong"
"You may not shave your brothers head, no matter how badly he thinks it sounds like fun"
"The fluoride free toothpaste IS NOT a snack"
"We don't lick the dog"

"Get the nail clippers if you need to trim your nails, we don't BITE our toenails and ingest them"
*yup, that makes me slightly nauseous as well*

To think this was all in the span of an hour.
Did I mention that it has been a cross between pouring rain and hailing outside? Or is that just the sound of my brain cells depleting and seeping out??????