Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One of these years I'll NaBloPoMo......

One of these years anyways. I think this way come October. I know that NaBloPoMo is around the corner and I debate whether or not I can actually take on the challenge. I give full kudos to my fellow bloggers who are successful with it. It may not seem like an actual challenge, but truthfully, it is. Especially since a lot of us are mommy-ish type bloggers who have real families and a life behind the screen. Not too mention that a lot of are trying to find our misplaced brains come night time or end up cleaning something come naptime (naptime? what is this naptime you speak of??) or how on earth does one sit down and type something legibile while you have a heavy mantra of MOMMY CAN I? In the background. Or a nursling at the breast, or a toddler bouncing on your lap, or 'helping' you type on the keyboard, or all of those at the SAME time?

Technically I suppose I could backdate some posts and catch up, but that just doesn't seem fair and my goodness who knows what THOSE posts would consist of!

So, once again...maybe next year......