Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Day at the Dentist

Today was dentist day. Have I mentioned how much I love our dentist? Well, it's definitely worth  sharing. They are all awesome there and my kids love them too. I walked in there and reminded them that we don't want anyone to have a flouride treatment and no x-rays (except for Alex ) and no one batted an eye. No one tried to convince me that my children will suffer greatly without a flouride treatment. Nope, nothing. Just a simple, "Okay, I'll make sure that is marked down". *sigh* Yes, somethings are easy sometimes. I LOVE that I didn't have to defend myself or go into great detail as to why I don't want flouride within a 100 feet of my children's mouths .

Mind you, there really isn't much argument since no one has any cavities. ;)

Tomorrow is Kayla's ninth birthday. NINE!! *gasp* Time is going by so quickly!! We aren't doing much for her birthday but having some cake and dinner on the weekend. I guess we will have a cake for me too, since it was my birthday on Monday!
Tomorrow is also grocery shopping day and I have not even started my menus and lists yet. We go to about 5 different places and won't even be able to complete it all tomorrow night. Some will have to be done on Friday night. *sigh*

I also have to get my homeschool learning plans typed up (they're hand written right now) I am also just awaiting the last of my curriculum order to make sure I will have the supplies I need for the year.

Well, this was quite the random post, eh?!?! As I get back into writing on here, I plan on writing some essays on more particular subjects that I have in mind.
I am planning on getting some pics on here soon!



Dove said...

What is the reason for not getting flouride?

A Mama in Seventh Heaven said...

We believe topical flouride that is found in toothpastes and what the dentist uses to be unnecessary.
Here are some links you may find interesting: