Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Well, it is officially Autumn now, here in the northern hemisphere anyways!! I love, love, love this time of year. I love the beauty in all the warm colors. Tonight we are going to have a campout to enjoy and celebrate the Autumn Equinox. I made some Autumn  homemade GF/DF donuts! Some are powder donuts with strawberry jam (from my canning last week!!!) and the rest are pumpkin spice. Let me tell you, they are AWESOME!!

Super yummy!
Tomorrow we are heading to the Zoo and I am planning on taking the Fall pictures there. I was taking the ones down from last year and I cannot believe how much everyone has grown! We had Kayla's birthday party last weekend. The GF/DF cupcakes turned out amazingly and she was quite pleased. The dairy-free crowd now includes Myself, Bill, Alyssa, and Kayla. I am thinking about adding Mariah to the list since she has been having a terrible time with eczema. I am still the only one who is Gluten Free, but the vast majority of my cooking is GF. It truly makes my life so much easier. Here's a picture of Kayla's cupcakes:

Have a Blessed Autumn Equinox!!