Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Preserving the Harvest and Other Chatter

So the last couple of weeks we have been busy as bees preserving our Harvest. I have canned peaches, pears, pickles, tomatoes, jams and jellies, and applesauce. We have frozen all types of beans and corn and some more peaches and berries. We have dried tomatoes, bananas, apples, and herbs. WHEW!
Still on the list is some more tomato sauce, applesauce and strawberry jam. I would also like to do some more pears and peaches. I have to say that preserving has a lot of hard work involved, but it is worth it tenfold. Everything tastes amazing and it is so awesome to just send the one of the kids down to the storage area and grab a jar of yummy strawberry jam. I also have stored over 100lbs of potatoes in there as well, which I plan on dehydrating some as well for instant mashed potatoes. As finances allow and we can perhaps find a second freezer, I want to start stocking up on meat and *hopefully* be able to buy half a cow (or through hunting some Elk or Moose) and store that. Go and check this out for more great tips!

In other news, this coming weekend is Thanksgiving in my neck of the woods. We have a wonderful feast planned of Turkey, mashed potatoes, brussles sprouts, corn/peas, and of course PIES!!! Yum, the best part (okay, well almost....the turkey with mashed potatoes is pretty good too!) we are having apple pie, pumpkin pie, and lemon meringue pie. All dairy free and gluten free!! I remember my first big meal after being gluten/dairy free and how daunting it was. I was so filled with all the things I *couldn't* have since I was just learning the ropes, so to speak. Now, I feel so confident and happy that I can cook almost everything and have it be GF/DF AND taste so delicious. No more missing out on yummy food!!

In even more other news, we are expanding our family by one!! No, not another baby *sniff* but by a beautiful 7yo girl named Chelsea. She is of the four legged and fur variety, lol, but is coming to join our family this weekend. Her original family is moving to Australia and cannot take her with them and we are tremendouslyy blessed to have been chosen by them to adopt Chelsea. She is absolutely gorgeous and extremely well behaved and trained. She is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
Of course the family is super excited!

Blessed be!!!