Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Mariah!!

My wonderful baby number 5 is eight today!!! EIGHT!!! Holy toledo!!lol

It's hard to believe, that is for certain! I can't believe that it has been 8 years of blogging too!!
I wrote my first blog post on New Years Eve in 2003 when I was pregnant with Mariah! WOW!

We went out birthday shopping last night and she was quite thrilled to buy some treasures with her birthday money. We also had a yummy Starbucks treat with Grandma.

Today has been off and on rainy with some sun here and there. We even had a few rumbles of thunder!
It smells wonderful and I am sure all the plants are loving a nice drink!!

Dentist this week too!! Thankfully our dentist books all of our appointments in one afternoon, otherwise we would have a ton of individual trips to make!!

Here's a pic of Mariah's Birthday Cake:

Yummy, Gluten Free
and Dairy free so that everyone was able to enjoy it! I made a strawberry/raspberry drizzle for it too!
Sooooo yum!